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Connecting your Business

Connectivity is essential for modern businesses, and yet in the market there are so many variations in both quality of service and performance.

Our services are low latency, low contention, backed by strong service levels and priority support. We can provide internet connectivity, point to point, private WAN, and much more.

We ARE more expensive than BT or virgin, because our routers are business grade and cost us >£200 for broadband and >£700 for private wire, and we pay a premium so that our faults are prioritised. These routers provide business grade security and performance and are fully managed.

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Business Grade Broadband is not only faster than other systems, but our contention is much less, and our latency is much better across the board.

We are in now way limited in our portfolio and have peering and resale agreements with over 40 technology providers offering:

TechnologyMax DownloadMax UploadAvailability
ADSL24Mbps10MbpsMost locations in the UK
VDSL80Mbps24MbpsMany locations in the UK
FTTP1Gbps110MbpsPopulation Centres and some smaller towns.
WiMAX1Gbps1GbpsMany locations in the UK
Cable1130Mbps104MbpsPopulation Centres Primarily
4G100Mbps50MbpsWith good Mobile Coverage
5G200Mbps6MbpsCitys and large towns
Satellite220MBPS25MbpsPretty much anywhere

GEN as a connectivity provider are able to offer any of these services where available, and indeed provide a mix where connectivity is essential. We can for example provide SOGEA with a 4G LTE Backup, or Satellite with a Cable backup. Our routers are advanced and offer many features not available with other providers such as Link Aggregation, failover, Branch/Point L2TP VPN's and smart Firewalls. We can, for example, aggregate 4 FTTP connections providing 4Gbps of connectivity to customers with faster 10Gbe networks, or we can aggregate 4 ADSL connections providing up to 320Mbps of connectivity to customers where fibre is not available. With GEN you are not limited to a small selection of services and we specialise in providing solutions rather than just basic connectivity.

Private Wire

Private Circuits (Leased Lines) or MPLS provide a highly stable and very scaleable connectivity solution, offering speeds far in excess of those available over broadband. These connections are also synchronous with the same upload and download speeds. They are more expensive, and take much longer to install but the benefits in performance and reliability make them a good choice for businesses looking for high speed branch to branch connectivity, or wish to self-host services.


GEN can provide a very scaleable SDWAN solution using a mixture of connectivity delivering high speed and secure office-office solutions. We can additionally provide remote VPN connectivity into your corporate SDWAN with all the security that you would expect as a fully managed service. GEN have been providing wide area networks to business for 3 decades and we will build a *solution* that perfectly fits your needs, both in performance and security.

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If your connectivity requirements are simple then you can use our quotation tool to get a quote in a few minutes, but if you're looking for something more complex, simply contact us and we'll put together a price for you.

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