Emergency Support

When it's all gone wrong, we're here to help

The HelpDesk is staffed 24/7 by a team of experts who are standing by to Help. Our pricing for Emergency Support is transparent and competitive with no 'call out' charges.

We are able to support Hardware, Software, Networks, Infrastructure and Cloud, and if we need more resource we can call staff in to help.

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Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer, but do not have a service level agreement or maintenance contract in place, then we can still help you through a critical failure by simply adding it on to your existing account. For existing customers Emergency Support is payable over 3 or 6 months in instalments, or you can upgrade your existing maintenance contract to include Emergency Support. Head over to the Helpdesk and raise a case.

New Customers

If you are a new customer you can purchase Emergency Support as a one off, or you can take out a maintenance agreement with us and include emergency support, and pay for that in monthly instalments. Maintenance isn't expensive and it will probably save money in the long rune.


Our pay-per-use rates are published HERE and you'll need to scroll down to the bottom for Emergency Support. These are not maintenance rates, those are quoted on a case by case basis, and take account of the amount of support in a year that's required and the resources needed. See the Maintenance page for more information.

How it works

First, you head on over to the HelpDesk and raise a case. If you're not a GEN Customer then you'll need to register for an account first, and PLEASE include your phone number so we can contact you.

When raising the case, select "Critical Support" as the Help Topic. This ensures the case will float to the top of the queue.

Describe the issues as fully as possible in the Details section, our staff are multiskilled but its important that we assign the right resource to the case, and the more information you provide the better equipped we are to do that.

If you have files, attach them here, this can be screen shots for example.

Create the Ticket.


Sometimes replacements parts are required, and we may have those in stock, or we may need to source them. GEN has partnerships and contracts with HPE, Synology, Draytek, SuperMicro, and others so we're well placed to source expedited parts.

If we're unable to source the correct parts, we may be able to loan hardware to you whilst we're waiting, or even provide temporary virtualisation to get you back up swiftly. Whatever the need, we'll work with you to provide the service you require.

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