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Linux is Everywhere

Linux has made some major gains in the desktop marketplace over the last 5 years, now taking its fair share, many people don't realise that its pretty much everywhere! Linux is in your phone, your router, your car, and its in your appliances. Linux is a rock solid platform with a small footprint that makes it perfect for a wealth of applications.

Linux powers most of the Internet, pretty much every web server is linux based, most of not all of the toolchains are linux based, and this website is Linux based.


Time to switch

Windows, is old hat now, its closed source, still full of bugs and crashes on a timeline. Linux on the other hand has reached a point where its desktop experience is better than windows, and with an ever growing portfolio of business grade applications available, its worth some serious consideration.

Business Grade

With a genuine selection of Office Suits, Graphics tools, Design tools, Email, and more, Linux demands some serious consideration. Its free, available to everyone, constantly growing and will never ask you to 'activate' or force you to see ad's all the time. There is no better time to try Linux and consider upgrading to it.


We're experienced in Migrating customers from Windows to Linux and transferring documents and systems. If you're serious about giving it a try, then we can setup just one computer and provide training and support to assist with the experience.


GEN UK were offering professional support services on Unix in the 90's, and of course we embraced Linux when it was first released. Everything at GEN runs on Linux, and we have a wealth of experience in supporting it. We provide support for all major Linux distributions, including Debian, RedHat, Alma, Rocky, Fedora, Mint, Apline, Ubuntu, and even NixOS. We provide both maintenance (pre-paid) support with strong service level agreements, and per incident support at very competitive rates. If you're server is down and you need support NOW, then the HelpDesk offers emergency support which is the same as pay per incident but on an expedited basis.

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