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Partnerships are nothing knew, but as a company we've built a network of partners who rely on us to white-box their services and delivery their vision.

We are NOT a D-I-Y partner, if you're looking for a web portal and to be left alone to do it all yourself then there are other companies who specialise in that. We are a full service provider, so you sell our services as you, and we'll white-box the whole process, so invoices have your logo, the HelpDesk has your logo, agents and staff will use your company name when dealing with customers, and we look after your customers with the same care and attention we do our own.

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In this model you can simply refer customers to us, and we'll pay you a commission every single time they renew without limits. This includes connectivity, email, hosting, design, in fact pretty much the entire portfolio. Some services are fixed commissions, whilst more significant referrals are negotiated. We take care of everything from on-boarding, provision, in-life support, and finance. This works best when our services are not your main line of business, for example, if you provide industrial tools, but want to provide stable connectivity to your clients for connecting those tools to the internet, referral works well.


You can take any of our products and resell those to your customers, and receive a commission payment every time the client pays us. We will take care of provisioning, technical support and finance. Its important that whilst we're billing your customer, they will always be your customer and GEN has a strict non-compete policy, and the sales teams and account managers will always check our systems when a new customer makes contact to ensure they aren't already handled by a reseller.

If you think a reseller model would work for your business, contact us today to see what commissions are available.

White Box Partner

You can take most of our services and sell them as your own. You handle all aspects of customer management, except for technical support which we can handle direct with a HelpDesk branded in your company name. You are provided consoles into key systems to make changes as required, or you can simply ask us to do it for you, as part of the service.

If you have the volume and would like to consider a Partnership, contact us today to see the metrics.


We're not fixed or limited, if you have an existing customer base or just an idea and would like to discuss a hybrid or custom arrangement, then contact us and we'll see how we can provide exactly what you're looking for.

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