Application Development

Building Scalable Applications for your business

30 Years of Software

I remember when we first started writing software for businesses in the 1990's, using early UNIX systems and coding in GNU-C.

So much has changed over 3 decades, but we're still producing great systems designed in partnership with our clients.

We've built systems that support everything from a small team to massively multi-user platforms hosting thousands of users across multiple locations.

If you're looking for a new system, or changes to an existing one, we can help, and unlike many in the industry we will never ask for payment in advance.

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Thick Client

Witten to run in-house on bare metal systems for maximum performance

Thin Client

Written to run in the cloud, using a web browser to access the system


Written to be containerised allowing ultimate flexibility


Developed specifically for Mobile Phones and Tablets

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The most important aspect, and where many fail is the planning stage, during which we will work with you to plan out every aspect of the system.

We will often use mock-ups, wireframes and flowcharts to define and agree the functions the system is required to perform.

It is important to understand that this step is collaborative with idea's from both sides as we move towards a functional design specification.

We then analyse this specification and plan what systems, platforms and technologies will be utilised to provide the system in the most efficient way, whilst ensuring that it can be maintained for the long term.

When everyone has agreed the specification and planning, we provide that specification to our team of developers and they being the work of bringing your vision to life.


We will in most cases provide 'early access' to systems during the development allowing you to see the system taking shape and to illicit feedback.

Once the system is complete then we will begin implementation, which may involve a period of working with test data so that users may familiarise themselves with the system during training sessions and can freely make mistakes without consequence.

Post training, we will clear the test data, and optionally migrate data from a previous system or systems. The system will then go live and we will carefully monitor the system to ensure that everything is working as designed.


When the system has been in operation for a period, we complete hand-over which concludes the development cycle. At this point the system is considered complete.

But we don't just leave it there, in most cases except for very small systems, we will include a period of maintenance, usually a few months to a year during which time we will make those little changes based on user feedback and any bugs that are discovered.

You may choose to continue maintenance at a fixed cost per annum after the initial period, or if you prefer simply pay-as-you-go any changes and fixes you require, we don't mandate either its entirely up to you.

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