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Downloadable Content for our customers

Welcome to Downloads. In this section you will find a range of resources available to GEN customers. Some are available to all, while others are for specific customers. If you have any questions, or cannot find a specific file please don't hesitate to contact us. Please only download if you have been sent a link, or told to do so.

  AudioAudio Files
  CustomerFiles for Specific Customers
  DocumentsGeneral Documentation
  DraytekDraytek Software and Documents
  FormsCustomer Forms and Checklists
  ImagesImage Files
  ManualsGeneral Manuals and Guides
  SupportGENSupport Files
  SynologySynology Software and Documents
  ToolsTools and Utilities

GEN Also operate an FTP Server (FTP/FTPS/SSHFTP) available at - username "anonymous" and no password, which contains a selection of files for our customers use. Please do not download from here unless instructed to do so. If you've been asked to upload a file, please use the /tmp folder and add the filename to your ticket.

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