Embrace the Power of AI

Without the pitfalls

There is a lot of media attention today about 'AI' but anyone who's spent time interacting with these Artificial Intelligences will soon discover that they are not very intelligent at all.

Large Language Models (LLM's) are what everyone terms 'AI', and in reality these are systems that are training on a huge volume of data, mostly taken from the internet, that are then able to regurgitate that information by reorganising the language.

There is added complexity, such as the ability to do math, and even to create images, voice, etc, but the core is the same.

Now we've reduced the hype to reality, how can these large language models benefit your business?

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Document Analysis (RAG)

By feeding in all your corporate documents, you can use the power of large language models to interact with that data in a new way. Imagine being able to open a prompt and type in "what is the company policy on sick pay?" and have the model render an answer in your language. "How many sales did Brian make in November 1st through January 31st?" and have the model give you an accurate answer without you having to pull sales reports for those months then add it up. AI can do this, given the correct programming, conversion and fine tuning.

Knowledge Base (RAG)

If you have a significant number of technical documents, you can use a language model to provide quick answers to technical questions. To do this, we analyse the question, select the applicable documents, covert those to a vectorisation and then pass the question and the embeddings to the language model. You can then add this into your website, or even a chat-bot and now your customers can take a shortcut to their answers.

Is is important to understand, that the process is a little more complex, and if you want to expose end users to this language model then there will be a need for optimisation and fine tuning, which is beyond the scope of this page, but essentially large language models make mistakes, and it is important to limit the number of possible mistakes when exposing it to end users.

Cloud or Private

You do not need to use a cloud provider to access language models, and indeed there are some important privacy concerns. GEN can host your AI model, in the UK, or you can host them yourself on site. We are able to provide whatever you require.

Talk to one now?

Select Home then Ask to talk to our resident large language model. This is a real LLM, and it will answer real questions, but remember what I said about making mistakes. If you want some entertainment, as it to write a poem about GEN.

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