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Advanced Data Manipulation and Analysis

Big Data, is a blanket term that's been in circulation for a good few years now, but what is Big about the Data? Read our Article on what Big Data is.

Big Data is the process of taking some starting data, like your CRM customer data, and then cross-referencing that with 'Large' datasets, such as your sales data, or public data such as census, financial, social, demographic, etc and then returning your data enhanced with these other datasets.

A common theme in big data, is marketing, where you provide a list of customers, and we try and match those to specific targets perhaps based on affluence, or house price, or financial status, returning that to you with these additional attributes.

Another is Deep Analysis, where you supply a mass of detail data, such as all the buying activity for all customers and we will then analyse this data rendering it into 'feature' sets, for example, all customers who purchased a certain product or type of product and their socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Powerful Platforms

At the heart of our Big Data Operation is our Serenity Data Cluster, a distributed cluster of high end servers running a selection of platforms which can easily process large datasets very quickly, and are hosted in the UK making them GDPR safe. As an example, at the time of writing we are processing 38 million sales transaction records against the UK census data, and linking in customer satisfaction data to provide intelligence to our client. This process took 4 minutes to return the data.

That is 38 million sales records, 50 million census records, 33 thousand customer surveys, in 4 minutes.

Data Science

Many Systems do not take full advantage of the inherent data to help drive intelligence lead decision making. It is surprising how much 'detail' can be hidden in the data, and our data science team are specialists in this area.


If you're interested in exploring what hidden patterns you can uncover within your own data, just contact us and let us provide some options.

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