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For security-conscious businesses

Email, is a service that has become vitally important to the operation of many businesses, but not all email services are the same.

GEN was one of the first companies in the world to offer 'email' as a service, before Microsoft and Google, and we've consistently stayed ahead of the curve with our services.

Please consider reading our What is Email white-paper.

We don't have any hidden features, or pay-for extra's, you get the best fully featured services with any plan, and only pay for storage, and for all plans we offer full 24/7 support.

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Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

We have for many years been involved in Anti-Spam, which today is a mixture of automated and human based techniques. Our anti-spam is one of the best in the industry with a very low false positive rate whilst protecting your business. When combined with paranoid in-line antivirus protection we cannot be beaten on protection.

Built-in Encryption

Yes, that's correct, unlike pretty much all our competitors we offer embedded email encryption in our web clients, and offer free support to setup end to end encryption in your own environment. We want encryption in email because we know that so many businesses send sensitive information this way.

Powerful Enterprise Features

Auto-Routing, Aliases, Auto-Reply, Conditional Forward and many more features are available in even the entry level packages. In fact we don't restrict anything, you get the full package and simply pay for storage.

Add-On Services include things like Corporate Email Archival, Compliance Scanning, and a selection of AI Based analysis services to protect businesses from email content that could put them at risk.

Limited Logging

Email providers, like your ISP, maintain extensive logging of your email traffic, and some, like Google, keep it for years. GEN are, at our core security sensitive. We only keep email logs for 3 days, after which time they are automatically deleted. This is how it should be, and how we further protect our customers.


Do you want to integrate email with your systems, or even have an automated mailbox with complex natural language parsing and reply? Well, we offer the services to enable this. Actually, we have AI based analysis tools that can scan email's, determine the needs, and then direct to specific departments.

Service Levels

Our email services run at 99.9% uptime, and our support TTF is around 4 hours, but we offer a wide range of service levels from 24 hours to 2 hours TTF 24/7.

Expert Support and Migration Assistance

Yes we can migrate your existing mailboxes easily and automatically, and without charge.

When you select GEN for your email services, we don't just give you a portal and leave you with it, we can, but we prefer to help your through the process of setup with UK based Support and Migration Assistance.

If you need to login to email, or need email settings, use the CLOUD ICON from the top right menu bar for a quick reference, or use our AI at Home/Ask.

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