Technical Arbitration

Simple, cost effective dispute resolution

As a long established provider of technical services, we do understand that the interface between technical and business can at times meet an impasse. This is why we don't have 'sales' people, because sales people will tell you that we can provide not only the best system on the planet (this part is correct) but that it is powered by a flux capacitor that we're throwing in for free.

When a disagreement occurs, in most cases it is easily resolved and the project continues, but sometimes, rarely a disagreement can escalate into an impasse, where normal communications have broken down.

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Our approach is not to overly complicate the issue, we will asses the situation from both perspectives, and then propose a way forward that is acceptable to both parties. We are completely impartial, and will consider all aspects of the situation before proposing a solution, and our neutrality encourages this.


Litigation, as everyone knows is expensive, and the only people who really come away from litigation a winner are the lawyers. Our fees on the other hard are fixed and shared equally by both parties, and provided up-front before any work is done.

Middle Man

In rare cases, where there are obvious communication issues between the technical and business teams, we're able to be that man in the middle, working with the customer, relaying their needs in a technical format to the supplier and likewise, relaying the technical challenges back to the customer in a business format. This overcomes any inter-personal issues that may have arisen during the dispute, but also ensures that the parties are able to move forward with their work.

Forensic Accounting

Surprising to say, but many of our cases involve pricing. One price was quoted, then the customer changes something and now we have another price, or a compound price. Where the customer is dealing with a consultancy, who are then subcontracting the work to third parties, and maybe even those third parties are subcontracting the work out, it can become a mess.

We are able to provide a full and forensic account of each bill, what it involves, who actually did the work (if anyone) and was it justified. This can provide valuable insight for both parties, because in reality the customer isn't always right, just most of the time.

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