GEN was the founder of cloud storage back in 1998, and since then we've built a reputation for stability and performance in the cloud storage arena. GEN's data-centres are located in the UK, are GDPR Safe and are powered by 100% green energy.

GEN UK Archive

Secure Access

We can partition our SAN fabric to allocate storage to storage servers that provide storage access for our customers. We have a selection of secure access methods (SAM's) to suit all customers.

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - With TLS/SSL SFTP provides a universally accessible storage method for backup's and sharing.
  • RSYNC - Rsync is the chosen protocol for linux based backup's and data exchange.
  • NFS - Easy Linux access to large scale shared storage, support V1, V2, V3 and V4.
  • CIFS - Common Internet File System, which is used by Microsoft Windows based systems to access shared storage
  • WebDAV - WebDAV is a protocol used by many web based applications to access shared storage.
  • AFP - Apple File Protocol, used by Apple Mac based systems to access shared storage.
  • S3 - Simple Storage Service - A block based storage system for backup's and archival.
  • iSCSI - Another block level storage protocol, which is used by virtualisation systems to access shared storage.
  • NBD - Network Block Device, used by virtualisation systems to access shared storage.

Data Interchange (EDI)

As a long term player in the EDI marketplace, we've built a series of solutions around exchanging data between systems. This comprises of a storage medium, usually SFTP, and some middleware to receive data, convert data, and then place data for collection by another system. GEN Archive provides virtually limitless storage for this.


Many corporates nowadays are looking for email archival so that in the event its needed, email's can be searched and retrieved. This is especially important where transactions are taking place over email. Few email systems provide such a service but we do,- and with GEN Enterprise Class Email, archival is an add-on option which can be hosted at GEN, or on your own premises and synchronised daily.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

For both on premise and cloud hosted servers, we offer a full portfolio of backup and disaster recovery solutions. These come in two flavours, imaging - where the entire server is imaged hourly, daily, weekly as required, and incremental where we backup only changes hourly, daily, weekly as required. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but we'll work with you to find the best solution for you.

GEN are the only company in the UK who provide SAME DAY delivery of backup data in the event of a disaster. That is, if you have on premise servers that are backed up to GEN, and you need that backup NOW, we will transfer it to a shuttle drive and send it same day allowing you to restore in the event of a disaster.

We can also spool up a cloud version of your premise server in the event of disaster to continue operations quickly until you've rebuilt and restored.

For company who want to be on-premise but require a SLA backed disaster recovery solution, we can keep hot and cold spares in stock for just such as a requirement. That is, we keep the same server on the shelf, and in the event of a total failure, we'll pull it, power it, restore your image and then ship that complete server out to you same day, receiving the failed one in return to repair.

Storage at GEN

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