Hewlett Packard Enterprise

GEN has been using HP Servers in our data-centres since 1993 and we continue to use HPE because of their rocket solid performance, reliability and embedded toolsets.

We are proud to be a HPE partner, and to continue supporting the brand that has grown with us over the last 3 decades.


Core Values

Hewlett Packard have never been the cheapest option when it comes to infrastructure, but their longevity and reliability ensure a solid return on investment. HP's Generation 10 Green lake infrastructure further extends their commitment to climate change by consistently being the lowest power platform on the market. GEN has invested heavily in Greenlake for our data-centers to maximise our commitment to a carbon neutral future.

HPE Partner with companies like GEN who have both the technical expertise, and hardware stock to provide the best in class maintenance and support for HPE Hardware.


Excluding some of the 'micro' servers, HPE hardware is designed for the enterprise environment, with solid construction, reliable components, and easy to maintain features not seen anywhere else in the market. In our data-centres, HP servers stack well maximising space whilst being easy to extract and maintain.

GEN's AVALON, NEBULA and EQUINOX clusters are all based on Generation 10 HPE Netserver 560's with a wide area SAN storage network. We simply wouldn't trust anyone else to handle large scale virtualisation.


Yes, its expensive, but we have customers on maintenance who are still using Generation 5 servers from the early 2000's, and they are both still running fine, and still supported. No other vendor can demonstrate this level of longevity and commitment. (We have one customer still running a HP9000 from 2002, and we have that on maintenance).


As a Partner, we have access to HPE's priority hardware supply chain, so we can obtain parts same day if needs be, but we also keep a large volume of parts in stock, from complete chassis, mainboards, processors, ram, controllers and networking. For some customers we keep entire cold spare configurations with same day install for business continuity.

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